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Archives, Artistry, Research, & Curation (AARC)
Archives, Artistry, Research, & Curation (AARC)
Archives, Artistry, Research, & Curation (AARC)

The Alliance of HBCU Museums and Galleries is partnering with Princeton University Library and Princeton University Art Museum.

Program Overview

ARCH: Archives, Research and Collaborative History


Week one of the AARC Program will introduce selected participants to the archival field, to the use of primary-source documents; to the steps involved in acquiring, describing, and providing access to documents; and to career options in the profession. Students and program facilitators from Princeton and participating HBCUs will also engage in critical discussions about archival practice, social justice and the importance of diversity in archival collections.

Conducted on the Princeton University’s historic campus, participants will learn about archives through lectures, discussions, tours, workshops, and field trips led by special collections staff, librarians, and featured guest lecturers from both Princeton and participating HBCUs. Following the program, participants will coordinate with a mentor and work on an archival project at their home institution.

PLACE: Practice, Leadership, Artistry, Curation and Equity


Week two of the AARC Program will also take place on the campus of Princeton University. During this second  week, selectees will be able to see and conceive of possibilities for art, cultural heritage, objects, sculpture and photographs which the spaces they enter will allow them to glimpse in new ways.

Since the Princeton University Art Museum (PUAM) is in the midst of constructing a new building, discussions will also involve the practical, financial and logistical realities of directing a museum through monumental change. We will additionally focus on curatorial practice and the professional career possibilities within a museum while interfacing with selected artists in Trenton, NJ, visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, and visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.

Photo credit: Shelley Szwast, Princeton University Library.

There is no application for AARC.