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Bard Graduate Center
Bard Graduate Center
Bard Graduate Center

The Alliance of HBCU Museums and Galleries is partnering with Bard Graduate Center.


Ten students or recent graduates will be selected for this one-week program of study. “Digital Tools for a Question-Based Ecology” will expose participants to the history of questions we ask about tangible things and then offer training in digital tools that will help them ask and answer these questions in compelling ways. The goal of the summer school will be to present the questions and answers on a website that students will build, and in resident online exhibitions they will curate. The course is co-taught by Professor Peter N. Miller, Dean of BGC, and Dr. Jesse Merandy, Director of Digital Humanities/Digital Exhibitions at BGC. It is modeled on the digital literacy boot camp Merandy leads for incoming BGC MA and PhD students. Working with an object of their own, or one chosen from the BGC Study Collection, students will learn how to use WordPress and Sketchup to create opportunities for deep study at the point of encounter between things and people. The platforms created during this summer school can be used to present work done by students also registered for other Alliance-collaborating summer schools in 2023.

The program will provide the following:

  • Travel to and from New York City.
  • An unlimited weekly MetroCard for use during the program.
  • Housing at Bard Hall (410 West 58th Street) for the length of the program.
  • $800 stipend.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and end of day snacks provided daily.
  • Provide two dinners during the length of the program.


  • A general understanding of the way digital tools open up specific ways of arguing and presenting.
  • A specific understanding of how the two sets of digital tools taught in this seminar, WordPress and Sketchup, offer new opportunities for arguing and presenting online.
  • Recognizing exactly how exhibiting constitutes a form of argument that is especially accessible to the wider non-academic, non-museum, and public and how that transfers from a built to a virtual space.
  • Learning how to move back and forth between professorial and curatorial thinking.


We welcome applications from current students or recent graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Minority Serving Institutions.

There is no application for Bard Graduate Center.