Alliance of HBCU Museums & Galleries

HBCU Student and Mentor’s Institute in Technical Art History (SMITAH) 

The Alliance of HBCU Museums and Galleries is partnering with Yale Center for British Art and Yale University Art Gallery


HBCU SMITAH is a one-week introduction to conservation and technical art history. With the overarching theme of “light,” students will go behind the scenes at these museums to explore topics related to the materiality of art materials. Students will try their hand at conservation treatments and attend a keynote event by an artist in conversation with a conservator.

The program will provide the following:

  • Travel to and from New Haven, CT. 
  • Housing at Yale for the week. 
  • Stipend to cover meals and incidentals during the internship period. 

Photo credit: Jessica Smolinski


  •  Explore what the materials of objects can tell us about their identity and meaning.
  •  Gain an introduction to the fields of technical art history and art conservation.
  •  Become familiar with museum conservation studios and laboratories and get a feel for the nature of conservation work.
  • Learn how Yale’s museums sit in the museum and new Haven Community.

Who Should Apply?

Students interested in material culture. Students who have an interest in conservation are encouraged to apply, as are visual artists, art historians, and anyone else who relates to this material.

There is no application for SMITAH.