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Alaze Clausell participated in the ARCH program at Princeton University. She graduated from Lincoln University in 2019 and, currently, lives in Philadelphia and since graduating from Lincoln has been taking online classes and seminars and is continuously reading.  She is constantly educating herself since grad school isn’t on the horizon for her.
Alaze’s partner’s name is Cedric Sealy and their baby’s name is Cairo Aasir.
Here is Cairo Aasir.
7lb 14oz born on July 22nd @12:27am.
Cairo Aasir and Dr. Jontyle Robinson were both born on July 22nd.
Dr. Robinson has been celebrating her birthday the entire month of July with her daughter Prajjon who was born July 24.
The entire Alliance of HBCU Museums and Galleries celebrates this wonderful, beautiful child and his parents Alaze and Cedric.
Happy Birthday Cairo Aasir!

SMITAH 2023, Yale University Art Gallery
Amanei Johnson, who completed a mural from Artist in Residency Program.