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Three-Week Introduction to Practical Art Conservation (TIP-C)

Posted by Sep 9, 2022 / Written by Dr. Jontyle Robinson

Affiliated Alliance Institution/Partner: University of Delaware/Fisk University/Lunder Conservation Center

June 11-30, 2018

A three-week summer internship for HBCU students involving training in some basic art conservation techniques and the application of those techniques to one of Tuskegee University’s dioramas.

Goals: This program is divided into two segments of one week and two weeks in duration. The first week at the University of Delaware involves an introduction to several basic art conservation techniques. During the following two weeks, students will go to one of three locations and work on one of three dioramas from the 1940 Negro Exposition.

Number of Participants: 15

(5 involved in this program only & 10 involved in both the Fisk Museum Leadership Program and this program)

Funded by The Kress Foundation, The University of Delaware, The Lunder Conservation Center

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